Welcome to the

Tri State Red Tent Sisterhood

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The Tri-State Red Tent Sisterhood

Deep in the concrete jungle, a team of Blood Warriors are devoting themselves to the Path of the Priestess. We regularly gather women in a potent circle of sacred support with the intention of sparking inner empowerment, healing,  and womb wisdom. 

When we aren't gathered in circle, we connect virtually to witness each other in loving support. 

Feeling the call of the Goddess? 

We are dedicated to tending to the goddess within as many womyn as possible. We love to collaborate on workshops, retreats, and ceremonies. We bring safe, sacred, and sanitary menstruation spaces to festivals and gatherings, and work directly with non-profits to provide menstrual support and education to underprivileged women. 

Feeling the call to co-create?

Let us bring a Red Tent to your upcoming event or festival!

What is the Red Tent?

Before the rise of the patriarchy and the use of artificial lighting, when humans coexisted with nature and lived under the light of the moon, all menstruating women bled with each dark moon and ovulated with each full moon. It is said that the dark moon phase of a woman’s cycle is when the veils are most thin between the spiritual and physical worlds, when dreams and magic are most potent. When women bled, they would gather in ceremony together, allowing themselves to rest and retreat away from the community, diving into meditation, sharing their psychic visions and dreams, honoring their sacred blood, and empowering each other as living goddesses of the moon. These ceremonies were symbolically titled ted tents. As the patriarchy rose, the true meaning of the red tent shifted. In some cultures, it became a shameful hut that women were banished to each time they bled, so they could sit with their impurities without "harming" the rest of the community. In other cultures, the red tent was forgotten altogether, and menstruation became a taboo topic that’s discouraged from being mentioned. In today’s western society, women aren’t given the space and time our bodies need to retreat, rest, heal, and turn inward during menstruation. While our bodies scream for us to take it easy, society tells us to put in a tampon and go about our day, encouraging us to totally ignoring the miracle that is happening in our bodies and all of our needs that come with it. This ignorance leads to symptoms like cramping, irritability (pms), exhaustion, mood swings, and more. These symptoms are our womb's way of trying to speak to us... are you listening to what she has to say?

While we may not synch up with the new moon anymore, our 28-day menstrual cycles are still completely reflected in cycles of the moon. Society may have forgotten the deep sacredness of our blood... but our bodies, DNA, and spirits have not. So today, as we rebirth the red tent and gather in circle to honor our bodies, meditate with our wombs, express our authentic emotions, and witness each other with total support, we reclaim our birthright to honor our blood, the moon, and the dark goddess with no fear or judgment. We redefine and reclaim our “monthly period” as its true essence – our sacred moontime! As we do so, we actively heal the wounds of the divine feminine, working to bring collective balance of yin and yang to the world. 


 "The day all women give their blood back to the earth with gratitude, is the day that men will no longer have to shed their blood in war, and the world will know peace."

Your High Priestesses

Only a few more weeks until baby blossom

Zuri Snow Nieminen 

Priestess Zuri Snow is the co founder of the Tri State Red Tent, and has trained at the Goddess Temple of Ashland & with the Goddess Rising Sisterhood. 

Her most recent initiation lead her into motherhood, where she now holds potent & intentional space as a mindful & deeply loving stay at home mom.

Zuri is a ceremonialist in her community, devoted to creating loving and supportive containers of personal healing and heart-centered connection. 

Danny Wolf

Danny Wolf began her Priestess path through her dedication to the Red Road, practicing and participating in Native American ceremonies. Upon meeting Zuri, they knew instantaneously they had important work to do together, and the Tri State Red Tent was born.

Danny is a certified yoga instructor and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach dedicated to women's health, hormone balancing and cycle syncing through nutrition. She is also an activist for menstrual cycle equality, working to provide all women with equal access to menstrual cycle education and menstrual products.

Danny's biggest passion is bringing empowerment to all women through their sacred cycles.

Traveling Red Tent Fundraiser

We are raising money for a traveling Red Tent! Our goal is to purchase a transportable and safe structure in which we can set up at festivals, events and gatherings to support menstruating individuals. With the funds, we also want to purchase fabrics, pillows, blankets and altar items to make the space as comfortable and sacred as possible. It is important to us that beings on their Moon Cycle at these events have a sanitary, comfortable and sacred space to bleed, change their menstrual products, rest and be fully supported during that time. 

Our intention is to also use this space to help educate all peoples on menstruation and re-shape our cultural views about this sacred time. We will host workshops, talking circles and other activities for the community, as well as spread awareness of period poverty and raise money for under-privileged women who need menstrual products and education. This will be an open space for anyone interested in learning more about the menstrual cycle, regardless of gender identity. 



Attending Red Tents has given me a sense of community in a way that my subconscious was craving. It has allowed me to tap into tools to better connect with myself, my body and with others. It truly is such a blessing to be in sisterhood with women who are there to hold space without judgement. These gatherings give me the ability to better navigate the world as a spiritual being having a human experience."



—  Lianne L.