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"It is important to us that beings on their Moon Cycle at these events have a sanitary, comfortable and sacred space to bleed, change their menstrual products, rest and be fully supported during that time. If you've ever started your period at a hot music festival, you'll understand how crucial this space is. Imagine running water and a private, safe space to change your menstrual product. A relaxing, beautiful atmosphere with shade and fans to rest and recharge in. Priestesses on duty to hold a safe space and assist in menstruation midwifery. Supportive, sacred sister circles (and co-ed circles) that leave you feeling empowered, energized, connected, and aligned. This space will be all that and more.

Our intention is to also use this space to help educate all peoples on menstruation and re-shape our cultural views about this sacred time. We will host workshops, talking circles and other activities for the community. This will be a selectively open space for anyone interested in learning more about the menstrual cycle regardless of gender identity. "

-with love and devotion, 
the Priestesses of the TriState Red Tent Sisterhood 

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We Need Practical, Sanitary, and Sacred Bleeding Spaces at Festivals... here's why...

"It’s not relaxing to lay in a tent in the scalding summer sun, with no fans or airflow. It’s incredibly challenging to change a tampon in a port-a-potty, much less empty and cleanse a menstrual cup or sponge without running water. I feel it’s totally necessary that more festivals start making grounded change to recognize the power of the mooning woman – the mystic, the keeper of time, the channel. Festival organizers must first honor the bleeding woman and value the necessity of a safe space for bleeding at their events. Once this is established, collaborators who have the drive and background in this area can actualize the creation of menstrual sanctuaries that are sacred, inclusive, rejuvenating, and practical”.

- Priestess Laura of Priestessing the Paradigm Shift 

"Red Tents, for me, are more than just places where women can go while they are bleeding and ‘take a rest’. On the contrary, they are spaces of Feminine Empowerment in areas that encompass all of Wombyn.

We share learning in Sacred Sexuality, we offer burning rituals of release, we share story, we recharge in a sacred container, we commune and counsel, we offer education and ceremony….all of these things we do. But that’s not ALL….

We also offer free contraceptives & contraceptive knowledge, are support for sexually challenging & abuse situations common at festivals, actually), are suppliers of menstrual technologies & herbal treatments for basic infections & vaginal problems, and offer counsel & education for staying healthy in our sexuality."

-Priestess Jessica of SachaMama Oracle 

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