Period Poverty and Advocacy Work

If you're reading this on your smartphone or computer, it's likely that you have access to clean water, any preferred menstrual products, and access to endless information. You are incredibly privileged - more than most women in the world. In underdeveloped countries, girls and women are missing school because they don't have access to menstrual products. Some girls are even trading sex acts for pads so they can stay in school. The homeless woman in your community may be resorting to using toilet paper from a public restroom as her pad.

Here at the Tristate Red Tent Sisterhood, we believe in using our privilege as a platform for change, raising money and sharing resources with our community and with the world. We work directly with several trusted non-profits to bring education, resources, and products to underprivileged women throughout the world. 

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period poverty facts

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Zana Africa Foundation

In Kenya, as in many countries, adolescent girls are at risk of experiencing life-changing violations, including forced early marriage, sexual and gender-based violence, unplanned pregnancy, and female genital cutting.   

Such pressures are insurmountable without knowledge of their bodies and rights; yet, there is no mandated menstrual and reproductive health education (MRHE) to deliver this critical help.

ZanaAfrica Foundation supports adolescent girls in Kenya to stay in school by delivering reproductive health education and sanitary pads. 

2 in 3 girls in Kenya lack access to sanitary pads


1 in 5 girls age 15-19 are pregnant



60% of girls drop out of school

 The TriState Red Tent teamed up with ZanaAfrica to raise money to provide menstrual education, support, and sanitary products to girls in Kenya.

We raised over $550 through their #GivingTuesday campaign thanks to generous family and friends!


Just $50 can support a girl with sanitary pads, underwear, reproductive health education, and mentors for an entire year!

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